Three generations confronted

Cataldo Di Marco was born in Martina Franca in 1921. Even as a child develops a keen sense of business and driven by the desire to exploit the enormous potential of the Itria Valley wine buys, in 1962, the buildings of the winery, which began to winemaking since 1872. The handover with his son Francesco Di Marco, an oenologist, takes place in the ’80s in which Cantine Di Marco specializes in vinification of the Apulian native and sale of bulk, the success was immediate and Cantine Di Marco soon became the main point of reference Apulian enology, consolidating the company’s change in what is the current structure of production and bottling. With his son, Aldo, representing the third generation of the family Di Marco, the company has had the flywheel to the international markets the most prominent, to an Italian market increasingly geared for mass distribution and a substantial improvement in the techniques of vinification and bottling , so that today Cantine Di Marco has an annual output of 1,500,000 bottles.